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In This Post i Tell You About Binance Copy trading App 2022 And Tell You How To Install and verify Binance copy trading app And in The Last How To Make Money On Binance In 2022

today’s Post we’re going to talk about how to make money with Binance uh cryptocurrency bitcoin you can even turn that into cash if you want and the coolest thing is you do not need to have any experience you don’t need to know how to read this and you don’t know how to actually do technical analysis or trading that’s just complicated and most people actually lose money when it comes to date training we’re gonna go talk about a very low risk way to actually make money online either in bitcoin or cash with this method and that method is essentially affiliate marketing right.

1- Binance Copy trading App 2022

 if you see this right back in the day you know i got into bitcoin and cryptocurrency right around here right i was making money online and i was just throwing it into cryptocurrency and whatnot and i literally saw a lot of people put a lot of money in to their investments and they think they were rich at this point right here but because they didn’t sell they ended up losing all of that money and what we have right now is kind of like that exact same thing where a lot of people are thinking oh should i actually put my money in right now or should i wait should i do it now or should i wait and this fear of missing out they just want to throw a bunch of money in here which potentially you know it could hit 400 000 per bitcoin.

 or it could just drop again we don’t know we absolutely don’t know everything is still speculation and like i said I’m not a financial advisor this isn’t financial advice but what i can share with you is the proven way that you could actually make money or bitcoin with mitigating your risk so you’re not losing your shirt in your house in your home like what a lot of people did around this period of time and that is essentially like i said affiliate marketing because at the end of the day no matter how high bitcoin got or how low it got the exchange still made money think about that it’s like.

 when you’re gambling it doesn’t matter if you win or lose because the house always will win it’s the exact same thing with exchanges exchanges will make money in bull markets they still make money in bear markets and what you guys got to realize is that instead of thinking about it like an amateur of oh let me just take as much money of my own money and invest it right here at the top which is literally the worst decision especially if this is the first time you are investing in bitcoin.

2- How To Install and verify Binance copy trading app

 what if you could just mitigate the risk by partnering with Binance the exchange now the coolest thing is if you just google Binance affiliate program you can see this you can get up to fifty percent commission every single time someone completes the trade through your affiliate link and i literally have friends making YouTube videos on this uh just sharing exactly what they’re doing now they’re trading with a very like small amount compared to their entire net worth.

 so they’re willing to lose that money but because they know that there’s going to be a huge demand for people that want to learn how to trade bitcoin they know there’s going to be more eyeballs to that and the thing about these people is they’re going to go and find out how to trade naturally by you know like looking at these videos anyways so why not just you know document you already learning how to trade that way when people go through your affiliate link you get 50 commissions i literally have friends doing this making an extra one bitcoin every single day like a literally a whole bitcoin every single day especially around this time uh my friend was telling me he was doing this right.

 here in the bear markets right and he was like absolutely killing it so now all of that money that he made when he was making like bitcoin when it was at like three thousand or four thousand or five thousand he’s already forexes his money the thing is he never actually put the money that he made into it it was just money that he made from affiliate marketing now this is something that you guys got to realize because when there’s a gold rush the people that make the most money in a gold rush aren’t the people that dig for gold that is very few in between the people that make the most money are the people that actually shall sell the shovels and the exchanges are the shovels.

 so what the opportunity is is a lot of people are starting to make videos about trading but most of the time they might be trading and making good money from their trades like i i make i know a lot of friends that make good money day trading but they actually make even more money by really documenting their trades and then making money from the affiliate marketing commissions.

 when people kind of like follow their trades it’s essentially what people do with like amazon associates on a higher level like when someone goes through your amazon associates link and go to amazon and they go buy something from amazon someone that would recommend it maybe would get like a couple percentages of this uh purchase so people aren’t really making that much but when you’re dealing with like a very insanely volatile you know asset which is bitcoin or cryptocurrency and you’re putting that along with as well as leverage trading which is what a lot of people do as well which isn’t like really recommended.

 but some people are very high risk and people are gonna already do it like you you don’t understand like you’re not really uh teaching people new things you’re just documenting what you’re going through and recommending the exchange that you’re doing you see a lot of people coming and searching for these specific things all you really got to do is just document what you’re already doing if you want to learn day trading or whatnot just put a very minimal amount so you can just figure it out but the most important thing is just recommend the exchange and look at this 50 commissions every single time and that’s residual okay.

 so your goal is you want to identify who are like the active traders if i just type this in and i just type in bitcoin news what and what not right you’ll see a lot of these people making videos about bitcoin talking about trading but if you see the first link they’re recommending some type of exchange because this person the moon is literally making money from this so that’s that’s the beauty of about affiliate marketing because even though I’ve never actually seen this video he probably does some training and we could even look at his technical analysis you could even go and in this video he’s already talking about it he’s getting like 700 views per hour every single time someone goes through here.

 or here which is not really Binance but it’s another exchange he would go and make 50 commissions of all of the trades right so that’s the thing because even if we just put in bitcoin trading you see there’s so much people just even talking about i tried trading bitcoin like look at this this guy made i tried trading bitcoin for a week and he’s not even an expert which is what stops most people they’re like oh I’m not an expert i can never do this believe that 800 000 views and all you got to do is just recommend you know this exchange and whenever somebody trades on their behalf not using your money.

 but their money you get 50 commissions every single time they trade and the thing is if you constantly keep on producing that content you’re going to attract more and more people that are more higher likely able to go and uh do the training and you get commissions off so let’s just do that again bitcoin news you can see the other exchanges that have affiliate programs so you have vamp and all you really got to do once you type in bitcoin news just look at the links in the description and you’ll see exactly which exchanges they have Binance is just one of them but you could literally google insert exchange name slash affiliate marketing program and you could just see.

 how people are actually making their money in bitcoin like i said most of the times it’s not actually because they’re like oh let me just sell my house and put my money in this risky asset it’s because they’re realizing that this is a risky asset they can make a bunch of money but they could lose a bunch of money so they’re thinking more creative ways on how they could actually make money in bitcoin without actually having to do all the hard work and the high risk like i said if you don’t know how to read this if you’re not an expert trader if you don’t know anything about finances you are going to lose a bunch of money in cryptocurrency how do i know this because i lost a bunch of money around this period of time.

3- How To Make Money On Binance In 2022

 when i put a lot in as it was going up i was like oh my god it’s still going to go up and then i just saw a lot of my money go down and it completely sucked it completely sucked and i don’t want that to happen to you so what i realized around this time is i was like okay how else are people making money with bitcoin how are they making money without actually having to invest their own money oh it’s because they’re partnering with the exchanges they’re partnering with the companies they’re partnering with people.

 that are professionals and instead they’re just kind of actively doing a little bit of the marketing that’s why i always preach to learn a marketing skill because if you can learn a marketing skill anyone will pay you in anything they’ll pay you in us dollars they’ll pay you in yen they’ll pay you an Indonesian rupiah they’ll pay you in Thai bot they’ll pay you in bitcoin and this is just one way that you can actually make money with Binance without actually having to risk your own money guys so check this out uh and if you need help with marketing the number one thing that i recommend with affiliate marketing because this is just a form you know there’s one way that people are making a hundred to a thousand dollars a day with affiliate marketing check out the free workshop below with that being said let me know what your thoughts are i love you guys peace out 


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