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Hello to All Visitors in this Article i tell you How To Make Money Online Without investment and i cover Ways To Make Money Online in last Complete Detail of Make Money From Home  

1- How To Make Money Online Without investment

 i just found out this awesome new way of making money online to be precise this is the easiest way that you can make money online without any kind of an investment using your computer and your internet connection on this awesome website the other great thing about this method is that it works worldwide and this is really fresh so it’s gonna work through 2021 as well no skill no experience is needed only your computer and a little bit of your time is all that we need all you need to do is just Read the whole post with focus because if you watch the whole video with focus then you’ll completely understand each step and you’ll completely know how to make money without any kind of an investment.

 so just stick with me watch the whole video and that is it and I’m gonna show you how this method works exactly and in the best way possible so without any further ado we’re gonna move into step number one hi if you’re watching this then you have to know we’re doing a brand new giveaway on our channel we’re gonna be giving away the new iPhone 12 pro max or the MacBook pro it is your choice just Read the post completely and make sure to like the post comment the hidden keyword down below and be sure to subscribe step number one so in step number one i want you to type into google pixabay now pixabay is basically a website where you can get copyright free images and videos from and also photos and like illustrations as well like there are just a lot of different stuff on pixabay just type except on google and click on the first link that comes up now once you open it up you’re gonna see this web page in front of you now over here.

 you have all these images now all these images are copyright free images meaning that you are not gonna get copyright strikes from anybody if you use these images as your own so like we can just type in animals over here and it’s going to show us everything related to animals such as like over here if you type in animals then like I’m going to get all the images of animals over here if i just change the category to videos then I’m gonna get all the copyright free videos meaning nobody owns any copyrights on these videos like these are all and i can just use them for my own now if i just scroll down i have all these videos now like for example if i just open this up and if i just click on free download then it’s going to ask me in which resolution do i want to save it in and if i just click on the like the max one i click on download and it’s gonna start downloading.

2- Ways To Make Money Online

 so we are looking for something in the tech and business niche so I’m just gonna type in tech over here and now we’re gonna like download a video which is which is related to tech or like something related to business basically like a laptop uh or like a person carrying a briefcase or something like that scroll down uh this one seems good but like this has uh some display on the laptop which is gonna make us some problem so I’m just gonna scroll down even further uh i can’t find the one i want so you can just type in something here like um laptop and if i just type in typing then it’s gonna take me to more searches yeah.

 so like this is something that i want so if i just like open up one of these over here the one which i like now it all depends upon you like what type of eye for catchy material then this method is gonna work like six stars for you easily and if i open this one up I’m gonna click on free download and i can see that this is free for commercial use and no attributions are required now why are we downloading this well well that is what I’m gonna tell you and a few moments from now but first i just want you to just follow this step and click on free download and like choose the maximum size and click on download and then just simply save it.

now we’re gonna move on to step number two step number two so in step number two i want you to come over here on this website called now is basically a website where you get paid to read emails exactly nothing else you can make money just by reading emails wherever you are from your pc tablet or smartphone whichever way that you prefer now this website is very awesome to like make money and we can see that the minimum payout is only is only 0.2 dollars like you can make money using this website just by reading emails but the payout is going to be very low and it’s not going to make you a lot of money unless you want to do that i mean it’s not going to make you a lot of money.

 so what i want you to do is i want you to just simply click on register now and it’s going to take you to the registration form and from here i just want you to type in a unique username uh i unit email like the one you have and type the password again just to make it more secure and if you have a referral link then just paste it over here or if you don’t it’s all right and then at the end just simply accept all these policies and then yeah i mean like just simply not register and now I’m gonna meet you after the registration process now once you’ve signed up you’re gonna see the separation front of you now over here you have your like main earnings you have your purchases you have your commission earnings.

 over here now you have all these options now don’t be overwhelmed by them because like this website pays you for like almost all the things if you look on the left side we can see that we can withdraw our money easily and we also have some referral programs so what i want you to do is that i want you to just copy this referral link click on copy and it’s gonna copy it now this website pays you one dollar per every single referral and the amount of money that they earn you’re also going to be getting some commissions from them as well so like that is the main part and that is the way we are gonna make the most amount of money.


 so yeah guys like that is how we’re gonna make money and now we’re gonna move on to step number three step number three so in step number three i want you to come over here on this website called now is basically a community where people share memes people share videos and also many people over here share business oriented uh videos such as how to make money or like growing your ecommerce business uh starting up a shoplift store like basically the topics are endless over if i just scroll down i can see everything from like cats to like mountains to like Arabs like hitting stuff and i think this is Donald trump over here right now.

3- Make Money From Home 

 but yeah like everything is over here and yeah like it’s gonna be very easy for us to like get many clicks on our affiliate link over from this website so now i want you to just simply click on sign up and when you click on sign up it’s gonna take you to another page and from over here again just enter a unique username uh your email your password your retag password and what i would suggest is that you can just simply log in using google so I’m gonna log in using google and I’m gonna catch you after I’ve logged in so once you’ve signed up you’re gonna see this web page in front of you.

 now over here you can upload images you can upload basically anything that you want as long as it is copyright free so here we’re gonna upload the video that we downloaded from pixabay to like market as our own so just simply click on new post and uh click on upload uh or like click on videos to give and now it’s gonna ask you like where the video is uh now you can either paste our url right now we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna upload it as our own so once you’ve signed up you’re gonna see this web page in front of you now over here we can see that we can upload a new post we can go ad free for a small fee and we also have like all these other options over here as well.

 so what i want you to do is that i want you to i want you to just simply click on new post and it’s going to take you over to over to this page now just simply click on choose photo slash video and choose the video that you just downloaded now once you’ve chosen the video that you want to download just simply like put a description over here such as like if you want to like do this then click on this link and then we’re gonna paste the referral link at the front and I’m gonna give it a title name how to make money online so like now it looks attractive and like people may wanna click on it and from over here we can add hashtags such as make money online unlike all the appropriate hashtags that like resemble with your post.

 so I’m just gonna type in more uh make money and i’s gonna put in as many hashtags as i can so that i can get the maximum engagement for my post just simply click on two community and that is it your post is gonna go public and that is it now now you’re gonna be getting a lot of engagement and a lot of people are gonna be clicking on your link and you are gonna be making passive income so now over here we can see that our post is live and so yeah like guys this is basically it this is how you can make money online using pixabay and some other tools without any kind of an investment.

so guys like what are you waiting for just go over here download as many videos as you want as many different issues as you want and then that is it now as many people now the more engagement your posts get the more clicks your links are gonna get and the more earnings you are gonna be making you are gonna be making so yeah guys like just do it because like because of covet people people are losing their jobs people are losing their savings people are losing many things

 so for you to have like an additional source of income and for you to have maximum earnings so that you can become financially free and earn as much money as possible is going to be groundbreaking so guys like if this video helped you out be sure to smash that like button subscribe and if this video didn’t help you all if this method if this method didn’t work for you just let me know in the comments down below and ill make an updated posts just for you guys so that you can like take a full benefit from from this method so thank you so much thanks


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