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In This Post I Tell You About Make Money Online  Copyright Free Articles And Make Money With Free Articles In The Last How To Get Free Articles

1- Make Money Online

 how to get free articles so in this Post I’m going to show you how to get free content for your website or your blog and you can make money out of it in this Post I’m going to cover a couple of websites where you can get free contents that you can reuse it without any issue all you have to do is just copy and paste this entire article into your blog post and you can promote affiliate offers and you can make money out of it all you have to do is give credit in the bottom of your blog post and show them where you get this article who is the hostile owner even some of the website you can change the author name i can walk you through entire steps.

 so this is the best website where you can get free contents for your website and you can reuse it any way that you want it guys before that i make Posts on money making money saving tutorials i try to upload one video every day or every other day all you have to do is subscribe like and share and if you Read the Post under the end you can win 10 pound Paypal the first website is called mosaic and you can see it from here straight forward using our content we publish our articles under creative common license that means you can reduce it without any issue this means that anyone can copy and distribute their work and use it commercially.

2- Copyright Free Articles

 that means you can save it for money if you do this you must attribute attribute the work to the original author and the mosaic itself including link and you must indicate any changes you have been made so if you copy and paste entire blog post or article then you meet um then you made a little bit changes onto the article you had to mention that in the bottom of the article the republish button at the top of each article provided with html for the text so for example if you go to the topic here and there’s various topics so for example click help and it will take the health section here now what you do you’re gonna open one of those articles over here.

 this is an article for one billion people so this is the article i want to promote oh i want to copy and paste my uh website when you open that this is the entire big article here all you have to do if you go to top of the page is here the button is called republish and then you click that button and it will keep these things it’s called suggested code and this other call you have to put it on the blog post to indicate where you get this article is the owner or the author of the article and also this is your articles in html format so when you copy and paste in your blog post it’s automatically converted into normal things so you don’t have to worry about basic copy and paste.

 so thanks guys you can get various articles up to date new articles from this website is called mosaic science dot com second website you can see free ply article directory or ply par dot com it’ll put the link in the description go and check it out those are free you don’t have to sign in guys and you can see can be used as a bad content yes can be used for backlinks yes can be given every year sold yes can be modified in any way yes can put your name as author yes and can be rewrite or modified using any servers yes so as you see here various of articles are here in top natures.

3- Make Money With Free Articles

 so this is the one way that you can use affiliate marketing because you’re providing value with the good articles and you can promote your affiliate office or you can gather different articles in each image and make eBook and you can solve those eBooks and yeah in website like amazon clients you can see for example if you go to bottom of the page i always recommend go to health and fitness so if you go to that if you click weight loss and you can see there’s a bunch of new articles and they also give a school system how many people read this or 83 votes and these people are voting 6.3 out of 5 for diet and exercising for weight loss you can see different answers you can get those high quality articles for your blog post.

 or you can use it for affiliate marketing or you can save it as an eBook convert them into eBook and you can sell it so this is the the second one the third one is called put the link in check in the description check it out this website look like an old website but actually these have a bunch of articles and they are up-to-date content so they have the website look like old but they are up to date you can see in business over 1 million articles are here guys you can see different categories of niches are here that you can select it from for example if you go to top of the page just go for fitness here and family offensive fitness here you can see over 100 000 article.


 and if you click open hand here button you can see these are the recent articles uploaded uploaded on here in December 2020 if you go at the bottom there’s all the rod august 2017 up to date content guys so you can get free articles from this website number four is this website called article again up to date contests that you can credit for free and you cover lots of other different categories and you can see it from here and these articles are uploaded on 17th of December 2020 so go and check it out this website is called article factory number fifth is called i already made a video uh i mentioned that in one of my videos again it’s completely free.

 so if you go to the bottom of the top of the page click all article and it will take it at this page basically article city is a collection of article published on various sites so when you copy and paste these articles or you have the important thing is you have to mention video this is the author of the articles to avoid copyright claims or something like that guys number six is called ease and articles if this is the website a lot of people are promoting again people are coming here to post their articles on here because those articles already published on different website why they force it on here to build a backlink so you can copy and paste article you can modify that but you need to give them credit and the authors and way you keep this article from it guys and that’s the thing you can go here you can check it out and there’s a privacy policy there go and check it out as well and the final website is called killer PR articles which is the one i promoted i promote.

4- How To Get Free Articles

 and i use it very often again you can see over 157 000 articles are here they are updated articles peel out which means you can put your own name you know how to put the author’s name or something like that you can copy and paste these articles into your website guys so if you type weight loss here and you can see there’s a bunch of different articles on weight loss you can see here there’s a lot of different articles and windows so you can copy and paste it in your website our google site or social media or forum and you can promote affiliate offers and you can make money out of it the one of the bonus thing i want to talk about is called fever if you go to fever and type ply articles or PR eBook and there’s a bunch of cards sealing that for low as four dollars guys.

 so for example you can see i will give 10 million per article with 100 courses for four pound which is around six dollars guys which is cheap again some of them are i don’t they’re old pretty good old so they are not valid at them at the moment but for them for us for six dollars you can get these in your hard drive and you can use it anytime you want you can’t check that if you want to buy them but it is cheap it’s not like a 20 or 50 dollars only a six dollar something like that guys i hope you guys do understand this video and the content is the valuable guys so if you if you want to promote and if you want to do affiliate marketing or if you want to build an email list.

 or if you want to get a make money from AdSense or if you want to make a YouTube videos content is the key so if this is the part people are struggling because to create an original content so what you can do you can go to this size and get the content modify the content that’s what this website are allowed to do you can modify the content you can update new versions new information and you can make a new content for your website and you can promote affiliate offers and you can make money out of it or you can make it Youtube videos guys because becoming a creator or content creator is the hardest part to come up with a content every single time.

 so you can code these there and then couple thousand articles ahead you can make a download bunch of them modify them and you can make your own unique content instead there’s a way that you can build up your own audience in different places and you can make money out of it guys is thinking is the difference is here in here so use this content to make money from various ways guys i hope you understand this video if you really like this video leave a like and leave a comment and when this video get 100 like i will do a 10 pound giveaway all you do subscribe like and share this video and leave a comment i like this video guys until then have a good day see you next Post bye


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