Search and Rescue 2022 Drones Helping Foyle Search and Rescue 2022


well my life business plan has always been if you do good things good things happen so I like to do good things that help people to have an opportunity to have better lives and that has afforded me the opportunity to place a pretty cool technology my name is Steve Road I am the chief pilot with the Wake Forest Fire Department and I handle the drone operations my name’s Ron early I’m the fire chief Wake Forest Fire Department here in North Carolina Wake Forest Fire Department is a very progressive fire department we’ve got about 130 members five stations and we serve about 48,000 people our business is saving lives.

 so any opportunity that we can be on the cutting edge of technology is critical and if we’re able to get on scene quicker receive data quicker faster in theory equals us saving more lives UAVs absolutely save lives in the last 18 months there’s been an average of one life saved a week with a drone our drone carries two different cameras a visual camera and a thermal camera in the case of looking for somebody search and rescue we can look for the heat signature of a human and whether it’s a water rescue or finding a missing person to a building on fire the drone gives us not only a different view of a situation but different speed capacities as well UAV provides us instant information from a different perspective.

 it is almost looking at a 3d model versus a 2d model we use this in order to provide that data that we need to see ahead of our vehicles actually showing up on scene it’s one thing for me to be able to see the picture it’s another thing to have other people who are making decisions or who can provide input to see the picture and the ability to livestream is really a key factor for us so we go out from the controller into a webcast or x2 box and out of that into a hot spot which then goes out on a private YouTube channel that we can distribute the URL to you know with.


 some clicks and sending the the URL any of the command staff can pull it up on their smart phone or tablet or computer by having that real-time view you can see exactly what what’s happening you don’t have to rely on secondhand information not only does it let you know what’s going on – instant where it’s going it also lets you monitor your crews somewhat to see where they’re at make sure that you’re seen them in the right direction and a lot of feed from a drone that can show up onto a scene quicker may truly have an impact on do we need to continue sending all these trucks do we need to add more units to the scene and even the incident commanders before they even arrive on scene they can see what’s going on we were able to make decisions.

 before even showing up on scene reliability is everything the last thing you want to do is pull out some sort of technology at the moment that you need it in an emergency and it doesn’t work for some reason the web caster has been completely reliable that it always will put out a signal the reality is there is so much new to learn when you’re bringing on a UAV or a drone and so having solutions that allow you to do more things like stream a live feed that are simple and reliable are critical the UAV as far as the future there’s a lot of unknowns right now but the very least we can see the future of again having that different perspective with its speed its three-dimensional perspective I think will have a major impact on our future UAV systems is going to be important it’s going its way into the fire service.


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