Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In For 2022 l 10 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In March 2022

 Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In For 2022 l 10 Best Cryptocurrency To Invest In March 2022

what’s up grandma’s guys here so I’m sure you’re soon about to see a multitude of creators all share their thoughts on the top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022. after all had they made a video a year ago talking about ethereal you would be up 400 cardoon you would be up 1300 doge coin you would be up ten thousand percent and

Solana you would be up eighteen thousand percent which let’s be real that’s insane so that got me thinking there has to be data that exists to find out the best cryptocurrencies to invest in based on their current ranking and find a relatively safe investing strategy for generating the highest returns besides of course throwing money into random coins and then hoping eon musk tweets about them and i think i may have found it three reedit users have recently and separately posted their full analysis cumulatively dating back to 2013.

 identifying the biggest gainers and losers across 2 000 different cryptocurrencies to find a way to index the entire market that gives you the best chance at making money and honestly this information is so good that we have to talk about what they found because i have a feeling it’s gonna help you out tremendously not to mention I’ll make you a deal if we could get this video to a hundred thousand likes i will invest a hundred thousand dollars in my own money to recreate one of these strategies on January 1st and then i could report back one year later to see whether or not it actually worked so if you think that sounds interesting and you want to be a part of it basically every one like on this video is worth one dollar invested so thank you guys so much and now with that said let’s begin alright.

 so the first analysis worth exploring is from the reedit user milo newt grain who did a full analysis in the top 200 coins in January of 2020 to determine which ones did the best with returns of more than 10 thousand percent and which ones did the worst leaving you with absolutely nothing and by the way before we go into these details I’ll link to all of his information down below in the description including the original reedit thread because trust me this information is really insightful it all starts with the analysis of the top 200 coins beginning in January of 2020 and what i found really surprising is that out of the 200 coins 120 of them are no longer on that list meaning almost all of those ranked in the second half between 101 and 200 have not kept up with the market and have fallen now as he mentions it’s an important distinction that market cap ranking isn’t always a correlation with price for example.

 if coin 10 has a market cap of 30 billion dollars in trades for one dollar each it’s still possible for it to lose its ranking simply because other coins do considerably better even if it’s still worth the very same 30 billion at one dollar each one year later now in terms of the others though it does appear that the top 50 coins have more or less stayed exactly the same with over 90 holding their ground and growing in price next in terms of the top 2020 after one full year only one of them is entirely gone and that would be g999 now since i had never heard of this one before i started doing some research and after a minute it became very clear that the whole thing was a blatant pump and dump scam from the very beginning it was created as an obscure altcoin whose only achievement was being listed on coin market cap and ether scan and their trading volume was fabricated to gain enough momentum to begin generating some excitement for it to turn into a full fledge to mom but regardless it still made.

 its way into the top 20 before eventually now being worth nothing the third according to this analysis unlike stocks and pretty much every other rational investment out there during this time frame it actually appears that diversification would have hurt and lowered your return what’s most interesting is that within the top 200 the majority of the gains were concentrated in the top two or basically just bitcoin and thorium even though the others certainly did well by most standards with an average return of about a thousand percent overall bitcoin and ethereal really carried the majority of the market and you would have been best off just investing in those and fourth since everyone typically hears stories about someone investing a few thousand dollars and turning it into millions the reality is only five have seen a return in excess of ten thousand percent out of two hundred different options meaning if you’re randomly investing.

 you have a two and a half percent chance of picking the right one with the losers severely impacting your return more often than not the losers go down by a lot and in this case the average drop was anywhere from 90 to 100 percent which is not good now sure overall had you bought into each of these 200 cryptocurrencies equally you’d have seen an average return of twelve hundred percent which is nothing to sneeze at especially considering that the s p 500 was up 31 during that same time frame but you would have done almost just as well by sticking with the top two and that’s it otherwise you’re betting on the 1 in 50 chance that you’re gonna get a 10 000 gainer with the risk of course of losing everything but it doesn’t stop there the same user took it even further and analyzed the market over the last four years beginning in November of 2017 right as the cryptocurrency market was about to explode.

 just to see how many of them are still around today and how much you would have made had you invested your money now even though the total market cap has increased about 10 times from 231 billion to 2.6 trillion only eight coins have stayed in the top 30 from then until now and as he explains that’s bitcoin thorium tether cardoon ripple lite coin bitcoin cash even though its market cap saw a decline and stellar that’s it the rest have fallen and uh we don’t talk about those anymore the second what’s also interesting is that bitcoin’s dominance is relatively unchanged even though other options like thorium and meme coins have begun chipping away at some of that market share and third in terms of the other options within the original 2017 top 30 list 10 of them have still seen a slight increase in market cap although as other new options are introduced they take over new spots and bump the old ones further down the list i also found it interesting.

 that when we look back to 2017 Qu reported on the top 10 biggest gainers of the year and of which was ripple with a 36 000 roe as you can see when you put that side by side with bitcoin it’s not even close but today here’s how those top 10 fared and what would have happened had you invested a hundred dollars in each beginning on January 1st 2018. with ripple your 100 would now be worth 43 dollars for a loss of 57 over the last four years a hundred dollars in them would now be worth fifteen dollars and forty eight cents and eighty-five percent loss a hundred dollars an ardor would be worth 18.57 and 82 loss and since I’ll save you the time of spelling each of these out one by one here are the results in total you would have invested a thousand dollars and today you would have and 62 7522.62 which let’s be real that’s incredible even though 80 of those choices have lost an average of over 50.

 however if we just remove Binance coin from this selection because it makes up the majority of that money your overall return would drop to a loss of 18 so as we could see with cryptocurrency past performance is not an indicator that it will continue to do well in the future however what if there’s another strategy out there that works even better and that’s what brings us to our second reddest user joe4m he runs a blog called where he tracks investments within the top 10 cryptocurrencies on a regular basis since January 1st 2018 and as we’re quickly approaching the four year mark his returns and strategy should give us a lot more insight into exactly how and where the biggest gainers come from see instead of buying into the top 10 performers like.

 we had just described he decided to invest a hundred dollars into the top 10 coins beginning on December 31 2017 and then he just let it ride for the entire year now just off the top of your head how much do you think this experiment made him in the following 12 months do you think it’s two thousand dollars four thousand dollars five thousand dollars well if you had said an 84 loss you would be right his 1 000 investment now turned into a 150 amount with some seeing a total loss as high as 94 back then even the almighty bitcoin fell 70 and 4 of the top 10 original coins were no longer in the top 10 by the end of the year so 2018 was bad but you know what they say when you get knocked down do it again and on January 1st 2019 he repeated the experiment again by buying another 100 each into the top 10 coins however this time there was a bit of a difference corona was replaced with eons iota was replaced with tether dash was replaced with Tron and men was replaced with bitcoin vs.


 so how did that do well in 12 months during a time where the s p 500 was up 29 the cryptocurrency portfolio was up 1.74 that’s it however he’s not stopping that easily and uh you guessed it he repeated the process again in 2020. even though there were a few new coins being added to the list for the most part they were exactly the same and with the exception of five losing value including ripple which got hit really hard when the sec got their hands on it the ones that did well did really well and that’s what led to an overall return of 139 throughout the entire year it was at this point throughout the last three years that his return was beginning to catch back up to the s p 500 and now in 2021 everything appears unstoppable again on January 1st 2021 he invested a hundred dollars each into the top 10 coins now with the introduction of link finance coin cardamom and polka dot and what’s amazing is that literally all of them are positive for the year with the total return of nearly five thousand dollars not to mention if we now combine all four years together holding them equally the entire time.

 we could see that all of them are now up a significant amount with even the previous 2018 portfolio going from an 85 loss to a 72 game when you put this together he mentioned that this average is a 514 return compared to the s p 500’s return of 56 during that same time frame now for anyone interested in following along I’ll post his information and his blog down below in the description because you post a monthly update that’s really good to read but in terms of what you could do with this information here are the investment strategies that i personally found to be the most realistic enter the market sentiment blog this is someone who I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the last few months and i got to say his analysis is unparalleled he’s previously analyzed the best times to buy an iPod whether or not wall street bets could beat the market if you should follow congress’s stock picks and which stock predictions wind up doing the best.

 but this time he analyzed cryptocurrencies to try to find the best way to beat the market without winding up with the next squid game and losing everything to do this he extracted the daily trading data across 317 different exchanges and 1985 coins to find the commonalities based on historic price market capital and trading volume going all the way back to 2013 and the result was extremely surprising on the surface he found that when you compare the first listing price on an exchange with the current price available today only 40 percent of them have gained value that’s it so right off the bat if you blindly buy into everything that comes available expect about 60 of them to lose value or break even at the very best however even though only 40 of cryptocurrencies.

 actually go up in value as I’m sure you’ve noticed the ones that go up do really really well and the average gain across the winners was 3048 now even though that sounds like a ton what’s even more interesting is how much of that is driven by a few outliers that just skyrocket to the moon because if you remove the top one percent of cryptocurrencies from that gain your return drops down to 641 percent and if you remove the top five percent your overall return would be similar to investing in the s p 500. that means even though 40 of cryptocurrencies go up in value only two percent of those actually earn enough to push your return up higher than the stock market long term and 98 of the time you would have been better off just being a boring stock market index fund investor instead although in terms of a viable investment strategy to try to capitalize on that two percent that goes up a lot here’s.

 what he found according to market sentiment based on past performance the most reliable method of investing is simply to buy an equal amount of the top 10 coins every single month and then doing absolutely nothing that’s it the goal is to create a strategy that anyone could do that doesn’t take a lot of work that isn’t reliant on luck or eon musk tweeting about it while still keeping the largest coins that are least likely to be a rug pull scam he also mentions that by doing an equal split you are taking on much higher risk as you are investing in relatively smaller crypts and you are being rewarded for that extra risk you took as you could see a long-term hold regardless of the year you first invested has so far produced a positive return in excess in that of the stock market leading us to believe that the most effective way to invest.

 is to simply buy them all and wait in this case that would include bitcoin ethereal Binance tether Solana cardamom expr polka dot used and doge coin and if we exclude the stable coins that would also include avalanche and Shaba ink now keep in mind just like we saw in 2018 it is possible to create a portfolio like this that subsequently drops 85 in value and may never recover but if you believe in the market long term and you have the extra cash to risk and hold without panic selling then maybe allocating a small amount of your portfolio to this experiment could give you a positive return if you have the patience just remember the market has and will see significant drops along the way with no guarantees of ever coming back so just don’t go and yolo everything you have into the top 10 coins with the expectation of trying to buy a mega yacht the next year but in terms of the most sound investment strategy that i have seen this one at least seems the most reasonable.

 however one more thing to consider is that throughout the top 10 historically the biggest returns have mostly come from both bitcoin and thorium which throughout the last four years would have given you a 548 and 1421 return respectively just by investing 100 a week consistently of course for those who want to dip their feet in cryptocurrencies for the first time this statistically is probably the safest approach but the more you begin to wander from the top five as every study is shown us the bigger the risk and the bigger the reward that’s why i believe that the top 10 cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022 will probably be the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap today sure they might not be the ones that see a 20 000 return but they tend to be the most stable and they have the highest likelihood of giving you a positive return if you hold long term.

  so to end things off like i said I’ll make you a deal as an experiment I’m willing to invest a hundred thousand dollars into the top ten coins beginning on January 1st and then one year from now i could report back to see how they do if that’s something you want to see just go ahead and give this video a quick like and if we could get to 100 000 likes I’ll make it happen and that way i know there’s enough interest to make this a potentially recurring series in fact i actually did this a year ago by investing a hundred thousand dollars into ten stocks picked by a monkey and to my surprise that portfolio is actually up about forty percent which is higher than that of the overall market so if you wanna see something similar just let me know by giving the video a like and pretty much every like on this video is the equivalent to a dollar so if you want to see that happen you know what to do and subscribe so with that said you guys thank you.

 so much for watching also feel free to add me on Instagram and to my second channel the graham Stefan show i post there every single day I’m not posting here so if you want to see a brand new video for me every single day make sure to add yourself to that and lastly if you want to completely free stock now worth all the way up to a thousand dollars use the link down below in the description and sign up for public and plus you can also buy cryptocurrencies on there it’s a fantastic platform let me know which free stock you get thank you so much for watching and until next time


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